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President's Message

After the period he spent with hunting and gathering, after learning how to cultivate and harvest wheat, human beings settled in structures that we see in Anatolia for the first time in the world in order to meet their needs such as security, worship, health, social life and social support.  

With the transition to settled life, humanity has made incredible progress in art, technique and science.

In the first cities established in Anatolia, humanity produced primitive structures to meet only their basic needs, while today, cities in the modern world  It includes large and solid structures, art, education and trade centers, common living spaces, buildings that can meet every need, gigantic infrastructures and roads that have become living centers.

We are İntek Konut A.Ş. With our experience of more than 20 years, we have succeeded in being a pioneer in the sector and with your appreciation, with an approach that prioritizes the needs of the user and aesthetic understanding, with this inspiration we received from Anatolia.

With this understanding, we have built tens of thousands of residences, commercial centers, places of worship, hospitals, education campuses, libraries, parks, gardens and common living spaces, and offered the quality that our people deserve in every aspect of life.

We will institutionalize this mission, which we carry as a family tradition, from generation to generation, and we will continue to serve all humanity, especially the distinguished people of Anatolia.

Raif ÇİÇEK  

Chairman of the Board

Modern ev dış

Our story

İntek renews the interior and exterior appearance of your spaces, re-establishes your structures or makes the arrangements you want and makes your living spaces suitable for you. İntek works to produce private spaces with designs suitable for needs. Buildings are indispensable places where your hopes, dreams and memories are lived. We are aware that these words contain deeper, inner and human feelings apart from their known meanings. Volume, form, architecture, color, design are the keys for our architects.

Each project is the gateway to functional, unique spaces that make life easier and more beautiful in cooperation with you.

İntek deals with project management and architecture as a whole. Being aware that the right project will take the right steps, we include you in the project management to create spaces that meet your expectations.

With the attention we give to details in every application, we create contemporary spaces that are seamless and suitable for your tastes and needs. We know the meaning of your home, office, heirloom, your future, your hopes, the places where the memories that make you you are lived.

Therefore; live and let your spaces live with İntek.

Our references

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